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WEB Deck TM - Suspended Access Decking System with Options for Tidal Situations

WEB Deck™ is a revolutionary new approach that provides under-deck access for maintenance or refurbishment teams to carry out their tasks with maximum safety & productivity.

WEB Deck™ has been engineered over years to provide safe and reliable access, typical deployments would include the underside of bridges, jetties, pipe racks, conveyor systems and associated infrastructure.

It is a simple, modular, lightweight, and strong design that allows for rapid installation and dismantling. It features a patented hook and clasp system which secures each WEB Deck™ unit to a tensioned wire rope system.

  • Fast Installation:

    Up to 270m 2 of jetty under-deck access installed in one shift

  • Safe:

    Working at height techniques utilised to install WEB Deck™ reduces exposure time to working at height

  • Low Cost:

    Efficient installation leads to lower labour cost and lower total access cost

  • Low Self-Weight:

    Lightweight at 20 kg/m 2

  • Full Containment:

    Compatible with and can include side containment and/or full encapsulation

  • Tidal:

    WEB Deck™- Grated aluminium finish for tidal conditions

  • Dimensions – (1m, 2m or 3m) x 600mm
  • Uniform Distributed Load (UDL) - 2.5kN/m 2
  • Factor of Safety (FOS) - 4:1
  • Aluminium construction
  • 5mm Aluminium chequer plate finish
  • Patented hook and clasp system
  • Side containment net or handrail compatible
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